Three Ways Enterprise Resource Planning Software Helps Home Medical Furniture Retailers

Three Ways Enterprise Resource Planning Software Helps Home Medical Furniture Retailers

13 August 2020
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As a home medical furniture retailer, your business makes caring for sick family members at home possible. You support your customers by giving them the tools they need to carry, bathe, feed, and otherwise care for their loved ones. While you may have relied on word of mouth or recommendations from medical professionals to make sales up to this point, you can start to expand your business opportunities without over-complicating your day-to-day work by using enterprise resource planning software. Here are three ways furniture retailer ERP software solutions can help you grow your business.

Inventory Management

Selling medical furniture for home use isn't like selling regular furniture. Your customers will purchase furniture based on its capabilities and price over how it looks. You need to make sure your warehouse and sales floor are stocked with items at a wide range of price points, but knowing which items to stock can be difficult. With ERP software, you can track which items move the quickest and how they are sold. By tracking sales according to type, brand, and price, you can make better choices when you purchase inventory in the future. You can also arrange your sales floor to show the most popular products without any guesswork.

Sales Management

Selling medical furniture through a storefront alone isn't too tricky. Your customers likely appreciate being able to see your merchandise in person and get tips on how to use it. But some customers simply can't make it to your store. Selling through multiple channels can complicate your business, though. If you want to reach more customers by offering access to your merchandise through in-person, phone, and online channels, you need to keep all of your sales data in one place to ensure you don't sell inventory you already sold. ERP software has built-in sales features to support businesses offering multi-channel sales. Some ERP software also supports EDI (electronic data interchange) trading, so you can track your inventory even as you sell it to other businesses.

Finance And Tax Management

Managing your resources as a small business requires financial planning, too. You need to make sure you're purchasing the right medical furniture and selling each item at the right price. You also need to track your growth and financial success and prepare for tax time. Most ERP programs integrate with common tax programs, so you can track your finances through your ERP software and import that data into your tax software. With the right tools, you can simplify your financial management process while expanding your business to support customers who can't leave their loved ones to come to your store.

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