Compare An Office And A Home Aqua Dermabrasion Session

Compare An Office And A Home Aqua Dermabrasion Session

27 October 2020
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Aqua dermabrasion (hydro dermabrasion) is an exfoliating process that involves using a machine to inject serums deep into the skin. During an office visit, a vacuum extractor is used to remove impurities from the skin while replenishing the bottom layers with a combination of distilled water and a saline solution. 

The Office Visit Experience

If your dermatologist recommends that you seek an aqua dermabrasion session to reduce acne scars, choose a licensed professional who performs in-office visits. The non-invasive approach that is used to treat facial skin is relatively painless and fast-acting.

During your appointment, a technician will request that you relax your facial muscles, and you may be provided with a chair that offers neck support. Throughout the process, envision that you are at a spa and picture how much better you will feel and look once dead layers of skin have been removed and scars aren't as prominent.

The initial results may result in splotchy skin, especially if you have sensitive skin or a fair complexion. Many facial sessions may need to be conducted to effectively minimize the signs of acne scarring. Aqua dermabrasion requires no downtime, which will be beneficial if you have a lot of things to do on the day of your appointment and do not want to have anything hindering your ability to handle your responsibilities.

The Home Process Experience

If your busy schedule results in a lapse of dermabrasion services that are normally conducted in an office setting, consider purchasing a compact aqua dermabrasion unit, which is designed for personal or professional use. A smaller unit contains the wand, vacuum extractor, and liquid chambers that a larger unit contains, but the equipment probably won't be as powerful as a commercial-grade unit and beneficial results may take longer to attain.

A home process will be best performed with the aid of someone else, at least until you are used to using the equipment. When you get more accustomed to the aqua dermabrasion process, you may be able to provide yourself with personal exfoliation sessions. Use your bathroom or bedroom mirror as your focal point and set up a comfortable chair in front of it.

Place towels and rubber gloves nearby. The person who will be administering the initial sessions can use the towels and gloves as needed. After your first home session, avoid wearing facial makeup, heavy creams, and skincare products that contain chemicals until redness or swelling has lessened.

To learn more about using aqua dermabrasion units, contact a supplier today.

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