2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Lift Recliner To Purchase

2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Lift Recliner To Purchase

8 March 2021
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If you have been having difficulty moving around and you even find sitting in your regular chair to be a difficult maneuver, you may have decided that it is time to looking into your options for buying a lift recliner. However, since there are many options from which to choose, you may find it difficult to narrow down your choices. To help out with your decision-making process, ask yourself a couple of questions about your intended usage of the lift recliner before you settle on one to purchase.

1.  Do You Plan on Using the Chair for Sleeping at Night?

One question that you can ask yourself when trying to determine which chair to purchase has to do with how you will be using the recliner. Will you only be using the chair for a few hours during the day while relaxing or watching television, or do you intend to use it to sleep in at night?

If you are only planning on using the chair during the day, you should be able to get by with a model that has one motor, which allows for two or three standard positions. The back and the footrest usually move as one unit as with a standard recliner.

However, if you plan to sleep in the chair, you should consider opting for a chair with a two-motor system. This system allows for a full range of movement, giving you the option to move the back, headrest, and feet independently from one another to find a comfortable position.

2.  How Often Do You Think You Will Be Eating While Sitting in the Chair?

Another question you should ask yourself when looking over the options for your intended lift chair is the frequency at which you will be eating in it. Because lift chairs are designed for people with limited mobility, they come with options that allow for easier cleanup.

If you believe that you will be eating your meals in the chair to keep you from having to get up and go to the table, you should look carefully at the available fabrics, such as vinyl, faux leather, or fabric. If you do opt for fabric, make sure that it has a treatment that helps it resist stains.

Pausing for a moment to ask yourself a couple of questions about how and when you will use the chair can help you narrow down your choices before you decide on which one to purchase. Contact a medical equipment and supply business that offers lift recliners for answers to any further questions that you may have as well as to receive personalized guidance while making your decision.

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