How Enterprise Resource Planning Can Benefit Your Medical Equipment Business

4 December 2020
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Are you in the business of creating medical devices or equipment for doctors, nurses, or the hospitals and clinics they work for? If so, you likely take a lot of care in your work, as a machine or device with a flaw could literally be a matter of life and death. But while you may have great attention to detail when it comes to quality control, you, of course, are just like any other business owner in that you also like to keep an eye on your margins, including your profit and expenses. Read More …

Compare An Office And A Home Aqua Dermabrasion Session

27 October 2020
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Aqua dermabrasion (hydro dermabrasion) is an exfoliating process that involves using a machine to inject serums deep into the skin. During an office visit, a vacuum extractor is used to remove impurities from the skin while replenishing the bottom layers with a combination of distilled water and a saline solution.  The Office Visit Experience If your dermatologist recommends that you seek an aqua dermabrasion session to reduce acne scars, choose a licensed professional who performs in-office visits. Read More …

Being Prepared For Your First Shopping Experience At A Dispensary

16 September 2020
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Cannabis legalization has allowed many people to take advantage of both the recreational and medical benefits of cannabis products. However, visiting a cannabis dispensary for the first time can be an exciting experience, and individuals will want to be sure they are prepared to make the most out of this shopping experience. Understand The Benefits Of Getting A Medical Cannabis Card For those that are planning to use cannabis products to treat or manage health conditions, it can be extremely beneficial to obtain a medical card. Read More …

Three Ways Enterprise Resource Planning Software Helps Home Medical Furniture Retailers

13 August 2020
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As a home medical furniture retailer, your business makes caring for sick family members at home possible. You support your customers by giving them the tools they need to carry, bathe, feed, and otherwise care for their loved ones. While you may have relied on word of mouth or recommendations from medical professionals to make sales up to this point, you can start to expand your business opportunities without over-complicating your day-to-day work by using enterprise resource planning software. Read More …

Tips For Shopping With A Diagnostic Monitor Supplier

22 July 2020
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Medical grade monitors currently hold an approximately 4.8% Compound annual growth rate (CAGR). This is a lucrative industry that is on the rise due to these monitors' ability to carefully and correctly diagnose medical patients. Buying the right monitors for your hospital or other medical practice requires sound information and a relationship with the best suppliers. Here's what you need to know.  1. Learn what medical-grade diagnostic monitors do and why they're so vital  Read More …

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